3 Essential tips you need around cleaning and disinfecting

Since COVID-19 hit the UK, i’m sure you have received new guidance and product recommendations throughout the pandemic period, this can be extremely confusing but critical at the same time.

We have pulled together 3 essential tips to help bring clarity around cleaning and disinfecting within your organisation.

1. Time

A key area you will need to consider, is how much additional time and resource will now be required to meet the needs of your organisation, which make all involved feel secure and safe. We have seen it in the past, where cleaning and disinfecting has been a single step process and with the importance around ensuring all areas are thoroughly clean and disinfected, you may be starting to implement the two-step process. So, does this mean you need to double the amount of time to do a job? This is not always the case, there are several areas to review to ensure your time is used the most effectively and efficiently.

  1. Review the dwell times required on the chemicals. Are you using the most effective solutions to clean and disinfect?
  2. Review cleaning equipment – is there equipment that will help streamline processes and make a more streamlined and efficient team? Although this may require an initial investment, it is key to look at the long-term benefits. Look at leasing options and time savings for the team, by implementing new equipment.

2. Communicating Change

Over the past months and for the foreseeable future, cleaning must continue to adapt and evolve. Communication with your team is Key, to ensure all your team is kept up to date with any changes and that the changes are being implemented within your organisation. Communication can be a challenge when you have a number of different sites, and several cleaning operatives working different shifts, but we have compiled a list of areas that you might find beneficial in implementing a communication plan:

  1. Create checklists to include any additional tasks that are required to be completed.
  2. Have daily or weekly team meetings – to explain any changes to the team and answer any questions from the cleaning operatives.
  3. Implement regular training sessions for your cleaning operatives to update on the latest best practices to help improve efficiencies.

3. Product specifications

With new guidance coming out weekly and new suppliers appearing for cleaning chemicals and solutions, it can be very tricky to digest all the guidance and sales blurb to actually understand what is suitable, and what isn’t suitable for the application you have a requirement for. It is critical that you review the current cleaning chemicals you are using, to ensure they meet the correct standards to help protect against the current virus.

A simple and easy check can save a lot of time from speaking with suppliers and help provide you with reassurance about what products you are using.

Talk to our team today, who can help you review your current product usage as well as explain the simple guide of what you need to look out for when selecting cleaning items.