4 Guaranteed ways to save money when it comes to cleaning and washroom hygiene

During the current pandemic, budgets may have been stretched due to the increase in products you require, and the investment needed in new equipment. Below is a simple guide you can use to review your cleaning and hygiene operation, to ensure you can save money without compromising on the quality of your cleaning.

1. Eliminating high wastage products

This can affect several areas;

  • Washrooms – do you have the most effective system in place for your toilet rolls, hand towels, and soap dispensers? You can often get a complete renovation of these dispensers free of charge to an up-to-date more effective system that will save you money from day one.
  • Chemical dosing – we see this very frequently when we go into organisations with cleaning operatives using 3-5 times the amount of chemical to the recommended dilution rates – implementing staff training and correct dosing systems can result in instant savings.

2. Review your cleaning equipment

With new and more innovative cleaning equipment becoming more readily available, it is well worth checking out if the equipment you have, is the most efficient and effective for the job.

If you do a lot of floor mopping, there is equipment that is 70% faster than conventional wet mopping and up to 30% faster than conventional auto scrubbing. Another area is vacuuming, there is options now that are 3x more productive than upright vacuum cleaners Time is money and right now, with the increased pressure on cleaning operatives its invaluable to ensure operatives have the correct and most efficient equipment to complete the job quickly, to a high standard and cost effectively for your organisations.

3. Streamline your chemical range

I am sure you can all relate to the number of cleaning chemicals that are in your cleaning cupboards. Typically, we can strip these all back to 2-3 chemicals – not only does this make it easier for the cleaning operatives, but there is also huge savings in utilising the stock you have and keeping stock value to the minimum. This also reduces the time required to process orders with suppliers.

4. Review your cleaning company

Using a trusted cleaning contractor to take care of the cleaning of your building will save you money and your valuable time