A veritable Hive of activity as Tame add Renuka to its team

A Sutton Coldfield initiative designed to help youngsters with special needs find work experience, has been given another big boost with the news that another student has been offered permanent employment by a local company.

The Hive, at Wilson Stuart School in Erdington, was launched three years ago, and now has 30 eager students aged between 19 and 25, with an expanding waiting list for the new school year in September.

And the latest boost to The Hive’s reputation came with the news that 23 year old student Renuka Bhardwaj has been offered a permanent job with Tame Maintenance & Cleaning.

Renuka has been working as an office assistant at Tame Cleaning in Sutton Coldfield since last October, and has made such a huge impression with her boss, that he has found her a permanent role in the company as an office administrator.

“She’s been brilliant since she came on board,” said Richard Evans, Managing Director of Tame Cleaning, based at Warwick House, Forge Lane, Sutton Coldfield. “Renuka works hard, she’s extremely reliable, she quickly blended in as one of the team, she’s popular, and I’m proud to be in a position to take her on permanently as a part-time member of staff – which best suits her – as our company continues to expand.

“I think what The Hive is doing for its students is fantastic, and when – as a local employer – I was asked if I would be interested in supporting the scheme, I had no hesitation,” said Mr Evans. “Everybody deserves a chance, and we were happy to give Renuka some work experience initially, but she’s done so well it has now turned into a full time position.”

Julie Pallister, at The Hive, sources work placements in a range of sectors to suit the students and employers’ needs.  She said: “The students have a wide range of capabilities and there are jobs out there, suitable for all, it is all about finding out their strengths and then sourcing work in those areas.

“It’s great news that Tame are making Renuka’s part-time role a permanent position, and I’m thrilled to bits, obviously. It’s yet more proof that what we are aspiring to achieve is working for both employers and students.

“The Hive evolved from the Government declaring its intention to increase the numbers of young disabled people going into employment – what we do is help students who might, in all honesty, struggle in the normal application process for any job.

“So what we do is find them work placements, usually one to two days a week for about six weeks with a local company, with us providing initial support, but ultimately leaving the student to have the confidence to continue on their own.

“The Sutton Coldfield business community have been extremely supportive, and none more so than Richard Evans and Tame Cleaning, which makes it even more special for us, as well as Renuka, that she now has a full time job. We are very proud of her!”