How Tame cleaning are helping & providing cleaning for our clients over the COVID-19 crisis

How Tame Cleaning have managed our cleaning teams and provided cleaning for our clients over the COVID-19 crisis….

The COVID-19 lockdown has been a challenging few months so far for most. Although Tame are fortunate enough to not have to close completely like many businesses, a lot of changes needed to be implemented to be able to continue to provide our services and operate safely.

Company Director Richard Evans explains how we managed changes within our business, operations & services to enable them to continue to operate.

How we have been working

“When lockdown was first announced, our first priority was to ensure the safety of all our staff across the board also to ensure that we could organise and manage the company and our cleaning teams efficiently. Our next priority was to ensure that we kept in touch with both our clients and staff by sending regular communications with any legislation that may affect them or us and the service we provide.

It was important to us to ensure that our clients were aware that we were fully operational and could meet their cleaning requirements if they needed to stay open, and to explain the steps that we had taken to ensure that we could work within the government guidelines to keep them, our staff and ourselves safe, as well as prepare them for any steps that may have to be taken in the future.

We advised clients that we would do everything possible (in our power) to keep disruption of service to a minimum, In the week leading up to and the first weeks of lockdown, we contacted all of our clients to discuss their contracted cleaning provision going forward. It was inevitable that some requested to temporarily suspend their contracts; others wanted to ensure we could fulfil their ongoing cleaning needs,some even wanted to increase their cleaning hours to ensure increased levels of cleaning and hygiene could be maintained.

How we have helped our clients

Many of our clients that stayed open have added additional ‘touch point cleaning’ to ensure the sanitation of touch points throughout the building. We also altered the cleaning time for some clients so that our cleaners would be on site out of working hours to avoid unnecessary contact with others and help with social distancing.

To meet the needs of our existing clients we purchased extra antibacterial cleaning products from our supplier, and distributed to all cleaning staff to ensure sanitising of work stations – we also instructed all cleaning staff to pay particular attention to touch points during the clean.

We provide cleaning services to over 100 sites across the midlands ranging from schools, offices,  NHS hospitals  and West Midlands Police facilities.

We have provided products and consumables such as antibacterial sprays, wipes and hand sanitisers as well as source dispensers and hand sanitisers for clients who have been open and clients who had closed and are now preparing to reopen. We sourced one of our corporate clients 4000 hand sanitisers which helped them stay open and stay safe over the past few months

It was important for us to be able to stay in regular contact with our clients. With almost all of our management team working from home, a skeleton team remained office based to answer phone calls and redirect them to the relevant person. It also allows us to keep on top of cleaning products and consumable deliveries. This has allowed us to continue as business as usual for all of our clients.

As the country has been allowed to reopen and for our clients, we have been able to restart their cleaning contracts immediately.

We have also found that although some clients have decreased cleaning hours due to financial constraints, many have actually increased their hours; all have requested extra consumables such as hand sanitisers and wipes etc.

We brought cleaning teams back from furlough as and when their sites have reopened. We also have several cleaners who were not put on furlough and were able to cover additional sites.

Customer service

At Tame Cleaning, we always pride ourselves on our customer service. We have been in constant contact with our clients who have not only remained open but also those that had to close, so that they knew we were here to help when needed.

Our contracts managers have been working tirelessly to ensure client’s needs are met and as little disruption has occurred as possible.  As more of our clients open, our contract managers are assessing which staff need to come off of furlough to ensure that we can deliver the required service levels.

As more businesses  have started to open, we have had enquiries from many new prospects looking for a cleaning service after lock down, which is a very positive step for us

Many of our new enquiries are coming from businesses / organisations that have been managing the cleaning in house or did it themselves, they are now looking for a professional company to manage the cleaning so that they can reopen and put their staff minds at ease.

In summary

The knowledge and contacts that we have gained over the past 15 years within the cleaning industry is a big positive. We have managed to meet all of our customers needs over this unprecedented time. We have also been able to obtain mass numbers of consumables required, which our clients would have struggled to obtain without our supplier base.

The cleaning products that we use and the bespoke and detailed cleaning specifications that we have put in place has given our clients the peace of mind that their building is being cleaned and sanitised on a daily basis and keeping them, their staff and their customers or visitors safe.